Getting started

Here's an overview of the development process for creating a theme

1. Create a test store

First, you need to create a test store where you can work on your theme. To do this, go to the following URL and log in to CocoShop: (dev:
After logging in, create your test site by following the on-screen instructions.

2. Please ask to admin to create api key

Ask Admin (Ropital) to generate Api key.

3. Install CocoShop CLI

Now that you have your test store and API key, it's time to set up the CocoShop CLI on your local machine. This command-line tool will help you manage your theme development process. To install the CLI, run the following command:
npm install -g @cocoshop/cli
Once the installation is complete, you can initialize your theme by running:
cocoshop theme init
This command will set up the necessary files and folders for your theme development.

4. Set the API key

Next, you need to configure the CocoShop CLI with the API key you generated earlier. Open the coco.config.json file in your theme folder and add the API key like this:
"apiKey": "your-api-key",
"secretKey": "your-secret-key",
Make sure to replace your-api-key and your-secret-key with the actual API key you generated in step 2.
Please do not ever disclose coco.config.json because secretKey is confidential information.

5. Upload and preview your theme

Now that your theme is set up and configured, you can start working on it. When you're ready to preview your changes, use the following command to upload your theme to your test store:
cocoshop theme upload
Once the upload is complete, you can preview your theme by navigating to the provided URL. This will allow you to see how your theme looks in a live store environment, making it easier to fine-tune your design.
By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to creating a custom theme for your CocoShop store. Happy theme development👋