1. Various NFT contracts

Users will be able to create NFT collections using a variety of NFT contracts .
For example, the following types exist
  • Dynamic
  • Generative
  • Full-on-chain
  • Membership
  • Trading card
  • Airdrop
  • ERC1155
  • etc...

2. NFT contracts ecosystem

Initially, CocoShop will offer NFT contracts, but eventually contract developers will be able to sell or offer a variety of NFT contracts.

3. CocoShop SDK

If you do not sell themes, you will be able to use the SDK to develop using your favorite libraries such as React or Vue.

4. Plug-in app

Developers will be able to develop, sell, or offer plug-in applications.
Merchants can import and use these apps to add functionality to their stores beyond what is provided by default.
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